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  • Ice Village Ice Village

    Slope is powered up this winter

    Renewals consecutive in this winter for three years! Please enjoy introduction of artificial snowmaker, slope that you powered up more including birth of new area.

  • Ice Village Ice Village

    To town of heartwarming ice. Ice Village

    -Please spend time to be heartwarming in this town which cold to become 20 degrees Celsius produces. Hotel of Ice Chapel and ice comes up this year.

  • TOMAMU White Xmas

    TOMAMU White Xmas

    We hold from 1 to 25 on December-limited Christmas event this year. Please spend early Christmas in TOMAMU covered with snow in second.

  • Ski lesson is more convenient; comfortably.

    Ski lesson is more convenient; comfortably.

    Lesson and Rentals can be reserved together; and easily. Furthermore, secret to be able to enjoy lesson comfortably including introduction of lane given priority to Rentals counter is full.

  • Bus liner from transferless major airport

    [bus liner] accept mail for exclusive use of return on day, and start

    Including new Chitose, Asahikawa, direct communication service from Obihiro Airport, as for the access to popular spot, bus liner that is convenient without transfer is recommended.